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Attention to: Grade 1 to 12, College/Universities and their internal sports shops and tuckshops/Cafeteria/Canteens.

We offer branding on all eco-friendly products from our website and eco products you supply for all educational institutions. Branding is about the identity of schools, colleges and universities – it tells us about the institutions values, cultures, and goals.

As part of our Eco Warrior Series initiative, we encourage and challenge all educational institutions to help us educate students about climate change and what they can do to make a positive impact.

We are calling on all educational institutions to equip their students with alternatives to single-use plastics to lower our carbon footprint and teach our students to avoid single-use plastics by making it a habit from a young age to not use single-use plastics because it’s convenient at the time.

Order any of our eco-products and we will brand your institutions logo/emblem in full colour on the product. To add even more value, we can go further and personalise each product with each students full name so they don’t mix their bottle or straw, for example, with another students and if they misplace their bottle or straw, they can go to lost property and easily identify their straw or bottle with their names on it.


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